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Youtube app - does not select original quality

Hello, this may not be a Roku problem, but Youtube's but please help us out:

I just discovered that Roku's Youtube app and also my Samsung TV Youtube app (looks the same) do play the original video file but play separate video / audio streams.
This is not a good thing because every other stream besides the original is poorly compressed and has a filter cuttoff at 16khz.
How can we make the Youtube app select and play the original video file?

For example :

If you play this on windows/chrome it will play the original mkv : Video: Google/On2's VP9 Video (VP90) / Audio: Vorbis Audio (vorb) 128kbps 44100Hz (ogg) and you will hear (if you can hear) the frequencies above 16Hz ... this means the sound is uncompressed(by youtube) and not filtered(by youtube) :
if we use a yt downloader software we can see that m4a audio streams are also available, at a higher bitrate, but that is fake, since they are extracted and reencoded from the original and they are compressed. and look at this fake 320kbps : - it's filtered and compressed! so it's not really in higher quality than the original.

Both Roku's and Samsung's Youtube apps play a VP9 video / M4A audio version of this video, that does not exist, meaning that it plays different audio and video streams, and prefers the 320kbps M4A. But that's not the original audio file! the original audio file is only available in the original mkv video.

Can ROKU's YT app select and play the original video file, and not choose other audio stream?
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Re: Youtube app - does not select original quality

it seems that the Youtube app on ROKU and Samsung TV always play the mp4a.40.2@128k audio file, but the best version is webm opus @160k ... i've submitted feedback to youtube, hope it helps
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