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Level 8

Youtube Guest Account removal

Please provide option to remove the "Guest" feature for the Youtube app on the Roku.  Since this feature was added, I have to keep selecting my Google account to get back into Youtube.  Also, for parental reasons, the "Guest" account does not allow me to monitor the watched or search history for Youtube.  Unfortunately, Youtube is not able to filter out questionable subjects.  I need to have control over what Youtube displays as a parent.

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Level 18

Re: Youtube Guest Account removal

This is a pain in the posterior region.

I dont remember having to choose my account before.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
Level 15

Re: Youtube Guest Account removal

This is not really a Roku issue as much as a YouTube issue. I find it stupid. It's similar with Netflix on my phone, which constantly asks which profile to use, even though I only have ONE profile!!

Re: Youtube Guest Account removal

I agree this is so dam dumb. I can't see anything that my children is watching or doing and it isn't Fair. I feel like just deleting the app on my Roku, an then that will solve it. Smh Roku doesn't even give you a reply or when this would be fixed. They just assumed that everyone wants to have a guest account on the YouTube app... When in FACT they AND I don't  ..... PLZ do something.  So many customers had asked for it already. Thanks 

Level 15

Re: Youtube Guest Account removal

Again, this is not a Roku issue. It's the way YouTube programmed their app. It didn't used to do that before and was in a recent update. Complain to them.