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YouTubeTV update broke it on Roku

The YouTube app is broken (again).  Looks like an update was applied today (things were working fine yesterday).  The problems that are occurring are the same ones that occurred roughly a month to a month and a half ago due to a bad YouTube update / patch.  Tip off is the appearance of an hourglass before YouTube comes up.

The problems are as follows:
1.  Certain videos have no display.  Audio is fine, but the screen is black.  From what I can tell, the videos that have been affected have a resolution of 480p or less.
2.  Pausing any video causes the picture to shrink to a thin line, as if the vertical screen resolution has been squashed.

I have a Roku Streaming Stick, model 3600RW.  Roku software is 8.1.0, build 4145.

Is Roku aware of this?  I'm hoping that Roku is aware of the issue and will contact YouTube regarding the problem.
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Re: YouTubeTV update broke it on Roku

Same here. Roku 3600X running 8.1.0 build 4145-24. Youtube version da7f7288 Pausing or pressing the down arrow compresses the video to a thin horizontal lines, other videos are blank, but the audio is fine. This started after I noticed YouTube starting with the hourglass animation, so I assume this is the updated version.
I uninstalled the app, rebooted, then reinstalled. This didn't fix it. How can I go back to the earlier version?
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