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YouTubeTV Choppy when selecting 4K 30fps - Roku Ultra

So I have a 4K Vizio TV.

I have a Roku Ultra setup on it.

When setting up my Ultra, i set the display to 4K 30hz.  Figured this would be best since it is a 4K TV???

I found though that everything worked, except for several networks within YoutubeTV.

For example, I could be watching the news on NBC 5 (I am in Dallas), with no issues.  I could then turn on the Simpsons on FXX, and it would be choppy.  Audio would be fine, but the video would be choppy.

Did some searching and decided to change the display type based on something I found.  I changed Display Type to Auto Detect.  The Simpsons on FXX was no longer choppy.

Switching to 4K 60hz also resolves the choppy video.

Can someone explain to me what is happening here?

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