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YouTube won’t cast from phone to Roku

Hi! So I started having an issue where my iPhone has trouble connecting to my Roku to cast YouTube. It started after I reset all my network settings on my phone.

How it used to work was I could pull up YouTube on my phone, pull up a video, and cast it to “Broke College Kids TV.” It would pull up YouTube no matter what I was doing and play videos. I would queue up videos to watch while working on my computer. You know, intended stuff.

Now, for some reason, it can’t find the Roku and won’t cast. I have 2 wifi networks in my house. When I connect both devices to one network, the only way I can get it to cast is by having YouTube already open on Roku and selecting “YouTube on TV” in the casting options. It doesn’t list my device name, and nothing will show up unless YouTube is up on Roku, so it doesn’t automatically pull up the app when I cast. 
When I link both devices to our second network, I get the option to cast to “Broke College Kids TV” like I used to. But it won’t connect. It will just say “connecting to Broke College Kids TV” and show the little casting icon in the corner of the video searching for a signal. I could have YouTube pulled up on Roku, but it just doesn’t do anything. I have to do everything from the TV or switch networks to the one that doesn’t recognize my TV name, but can cast as long as the app is open. It’s very inconvenient. I’m not sure if this is a Roku problem or a problem with my iPhone, but I’ll take any help that can be provided. I have an up to date iPhone SE (the one with iPhone 6 internals in an iPhone 5 body, not the new one) if that helps.

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