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Level 7

YouTube will NOT load on Roku STILL

As of 09/29/2021 and an update later YouTube STILL will not load on my Roku 3. We've used Rokus for YEARS (we have 3 in our home) and we are now having this issue with YouTube (among some other channels).

I copied & pasted this thread from another dissatisfied person in the Roku Community from 2 weeks ago:

"THE ISSUE IS NOT RESOLVED and Roku Customer Support is worthless. I've been a YouTube TV and Roku subscriber for 4 years, and was satisfied. A few days ago I lost cable internet for a couple hours due to a Xfinity-Comcast outage in my area.  I reset my gateway wi-fi router thinking it was the problem - it wasn't. When Xfinity restored service, everything on Roku worked for 1/2 day, then both YouTube TV and YouTube apps on Roku quit working.  I got the message on both saying app could not be loaded to the "network connection problem".  All other apps worked fine.  

I followed all of the instructions on this Roku post about YouTube issue:  "Resolved: Channel launch issue - "Can't run channel".   DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.  YouTube app is now being blocked by Roku and won't load. 

I spoke to YouTube customer support yesterday (unlike Roku they will actually call you back) and they confirmed uninstalling and reinstalling their apps in Roku WILL NOT WORK  - the apps are being blocked by Roku. YouTube had no solution -said that at "some time in the future the problem will be resolved", but also said YouTube TV will not be reappearing on Roku.

Goodbye Roku and good riddance!  I've unplugged your USELESS streaming stick and will be receiving Amazon Fire TV streaming stick (3rd generation) in a a couple days."     


I HATE to say it but if this does not get resolved we'll be looking for another device (several) as well. Say it isn't so Roku.

Level 12

Re: YouTube will NOT load on Roku STILL

I know that some users are experiencing problems with YouTube and the You TubeTV app is no longer available in the Roku channel store, however Roku is NOT blocking YouTube or YouTube TV.  Both are functioning just fine on all of my Roku devices.

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Level 8

Re: YouTube will NOT load on Roku STILL

I beg to differ.  My Roku's were working fine yesterday and today I cannot access YouTube.  This is the first time I've encountered this problem which is strange because people have been having this issue for months.  I'm dead in the water as far as YouTube goes.

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