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YouTube not loading/crashing ****SOLVED*****

About 2 weeks ago, I suddenly noticed that when I opened the YouTube channel, it would sit in the "welcome" screen and never load OR it would open but all of the thumbnails in my account would appear blank.  

I followed the standard Roku instructions for troubleshooting by: removing and adding the channel, restarting the Roku player, check for updates, etc.  Nothing worked.  In addition, I have FOUR Roku Ultra players and a Roku Soundbar.  All of them had the same problem.  However, I also have an Amazon Fire player as well as an LG smart TV with channels built into the software.  They both loaded YouTube without a problem.  Therefore, I narrowed the problem down to the Roku Software and how it handles YouTube.

I contacted tech support and the first agent tried to blame it on YouTube and wanted me to contact Google.  I asked to be connected with a level 2 support tech.  I explained that I am Microsoft Network Admin certified and have been in the field for over 20 years, so I am VERY familiar with narrowing troubleshooting tactics down.

Level 2 support wanted me to send software versions, MAC addresses, etc.  I submitted the requested information, but in the meantime, I was able to figure out what the problem is (at least in my case).

YouTube contains a "log" in your Google account that keeps track of your "Like" and "dislike" choices when you press the appropriate button on the video.  This list NEVER purges the information regardless of how old it is.  Therefore, when I went into my YouTube activity, there were well over 2,000 items in this list.  After I cleared this list as well as my YouTube "Not interested" categories, I restarted the Roku players in the house and they all now open the YouTube channel normally without a problem.

I have written back to level 2 support and let them know that this is obviously a problem with either the memory in the Roku players or the software they use for the YouTube channel, since my Amazon and LG devices didn't have the same problem at all.

This may or may not be the case if any of you are experiencing problems with the YouTube channel on your Roku players.  Here are the steps to clear these logs in YouTube (if you want to try):

1)  Go to (log into google if you aren't already)
2)  On the left-hand side of the page, click on "other google activity"
3)  Scroll down to "YouTube "not interested" feedback and click "delete"  (You'll get a warning that deleting this feedback MAY cause videos you've already ignored to show up again in your suggested list)
4)  Now scroll down to "YouTube Likes and Dislikes" and click on "view likes and dislikes"
5)  A new tab in your browser will open up.  On the left-hand side, click on "delete all".  You'll get a warning that this operation cannot be undone.  If you choose to, click on "delete" in the popup window that appears.
6)  Go back to your Roku players and restart them (this will clear any erroneous information already stored)
7)  Open the YouTube channel which should now operate normally.

I hope this tip is helpful as I have seen tons of postings in this community with similar problems and no solutions.  Smiley Happy  Happy YouTubing!


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Re: YouTube not loading/crashing ****SOLVED*****

YES! Same problem. This just happened to me about a month ago so around April 2022. You open a channel not all the videos are there. So you'll have to exit and reopen the channel then the Upload, playlist, etc. is all there but this doesn't always happens. And even when all the thumbnail and videos there not all the video of the UPLOAD is there it would only show a few. Then you'll have to exit the channel go back then is a hit or miss, will it load everything or half of everything again. Not sure what this bug is but it's the worse one I encounter on YouTube.

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Re: YouTube not loading/crashing ****SOLVED*****

@e-walk, you need a new calendar.  Smiley Happy

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Re: YouTube not loading/crashing ****SOLVED*****

Lol. I meant to say Feb. 

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