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Level 7

YouTube not launching, removed app, but can't add it again

OK, I removed the app from my TV, however, when I went to the settings to reset my device, there was NO option to actually reset the device (aside from FACTORY reset) so HOW am I supposed to reset my device to get the app back IF THERE IS no option on the screen under SYSTEM like a read on a previous discussion of the topic. All that comes up under system is the following options:





USB Media

Control other devices


System mirroring

System update

Guest mode

Advanced system settings (which only contains FACTORY reset)

Third Party Licenses


So where exactly is the option to RESET the system other than doing a messy FACTORY reset?


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Level 7

Re: YouTube not launching, removed app, but can't add it again

Never mind. I just re-installed the app by doing a search on the channel search, and it works now. Weird.

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