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YouTube gray screen often (Roku 3)

Over the past few weeks, the YouTube app video selections often end up with a perpetual gray screen. On occasion that screen transitions to pixelation and then resolves to normal clarity. In either case sound is unaffected. Also doesn't happen on my Chromecast.

Thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: YouTube gray screen often (Roku 3)

I am getting this same issue too, and could really use a solution. This is, in fact, not just happening on YouTube but on a number of other channels. In all situations audio and video overlays, such as pause/progress bar, etc, all still work. If I fast forward or rewind on channels the preview thumbnails show what should be showing once I hit resume however it also will go "gray/grey".

I have tried a number of things such a restarting the app, the device, resetting internet, checking cables (as suggested, though I doubted it was the issue), and nothing seems to fix it permanently. This has been plaguing me for well over 2 months and I'm just tired of it and seriously considering alternatives after using roku faithfully since version 1. (I own all the devices pre-v4 but am disabled and can't afford anything new right now).

Any help would be appreciated.

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