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YouTube frame rates

I upload a lot of old TV commercials and stuff from standard-def video on YouTube, and I've been trying to do the latest ones upscaled to hi-def in 60fps, as that's the only way to get video-based material to show at the proper frame rate. The usual frame rate for any online video is closer to 24fps, which works fine for movies and stuff shot on film, but not video.

Anyways, I've noticed while all 60fps YouTube videos play properly on my laptop computer hooked to the TV, the YouTube apps on Roku and built into my TV have problems with some of them.

Example- this is a short clip I shot with an iPhone- it plays at 60fps through the YouTube app on the Roku Streaming Stick +, but not the YouTube app built into my LG TV:
(Bonus points if you recognize the band!)

Conversely, this clip (from someone else) does NOT play at 60fps through the Roku, but DOES on the TV's app:

It seems there are different video codecs which may be making the difference here, but it's odd that even my untouched iPhone video won't play at 60fps through the TV's app, and that some play at the right frame rate on one device and not the other, and vice versa.
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Re: YouTube frame rates

Ive noticed issues with 60fps content as well.. my Xbox One X plays both of the above @ 60hz but my Roku also only plays the first video @ 60hz..

My Roku has also stopped playing 4K60 altogether no matter what Ive tried — to the point that Ive stopped using it.. Just waiting for YouTube HDR support on XB1X..
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