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Level 7

YouTube consistently crashes on Roku Soundbar

YouTube app on Roku Soundbar crashes consistently in the first 5 or so seconds of a video loading (video plays for a 5 seconds and the app crashes).


Both the app and device show no updates available.


I have removed and reinstalled the app with and without resetting the Roku before and after (so reset device, remove app, install app... as well as... reset device, remove app, reset device, install app) with no improvement.  

YouTube has not issued any support to this issue that I’ve seen, and the issue is not replicated on any other connected device (I know the apps are different for the different systems, but still).


Reference issue ID from Roku - 81-107-660

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Level 19

Re: YouTube consistently crashes on Roku Soundbar

@Jcwood3  Thanks for the note here. I have a few more questions to try and better understand the issue you're seeing: 

- Does this occur on any/all videos, or a specific video within YouTube? 

- When you say YouTube 'crashes', does the video exit to the YouTube content screen, exit to the Roku Home screen, etc.?

- When did you first observe this issue occurring? 

- Have you contacted YouTube support to report the issue and request any additional guidance they may be able to provide? 

- Have you tried performing a factory reset on your Soundbar, then setting it up again to see if the same issue occurs? 

With more information, we can continue looking into this. 




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