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YouTube app live stream

Does this happen to anyone else?   

When I watch live streams on youtube either directly on the app or connect from my phone the streams "sputter">...   they stop for 1-3 seconds every 1-3 minutes or so.  So after a two hour live stream the video can be up to 30 minutes behind.  It is so very annoying.  I love watching and interacting w/ the channel owners on live streams and it's no fun watching on my phone, my computer is old and slows down when watching a live stream so I watch it on the app or stream it from my phone to the roku app and comment on the youtube app on my phone.  But I can't because the video is constantly behind then my comments are behind.   

I use a roku streaming stick (yes, the older one, prob. from 2014? 15? It says model number 3500 I think.  I have two of them.  I have tried both on two different tv's and the live streaming does the same thing on both.   Internet speed is not a problem. I have 100/35 now but also had 200/35 for a few years.  It happens on 2.5ghz and 5.0ghz.  the router is 5 feet from one tv and 8-10 feet from the other. 

Has anyone else ever experienced this?  

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