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YouTube Version / Functionality

Today, my YouTube Channel on my 3600X stick had more functionality.

When I pressed the left arrow, I got a drop down screen for headings that wasn't there yesterday.

Previously, when I used the back arrow button, I went to the standard drop down to select Subscriptions, History, etc. That's still there, but now there's an additional drop down screen menu.
I like it.

For reference, the YouTube version that's showing for my 3600X is:
1.0 Build 70500252

One of the YouTube features that's been missing on their Roku channel, that I sometimes need to use when viewing travel/highway videos, is the Speed of display option, that is found on YouTube on the web, ie from a desktop. Some highway videos are presented in "fast" mode, that I like to slow down to approximate highway driving speeds...

The android YouTube app does not offer the speed options either.

But, to get around all of this, I pull up YouTube on the web on my smartphone (*not* the "app") and cast the web YouTube to Roku. Then I can use the web YouTube playback speed options.

Note: This is *not* using the internal YouTube app casting option, which doesn't give you the speed option.
Ultra 4660 , 3810 Stick
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Level 7

Re: YouTube Version / Functionality

Has anyone been able to find a fix for this yet? I tried the screen cast trick, but I couldn't find a way to change the playback speed on my phone, whether through the app or a browser. I likes my YouTube vids going at least 1.5x! Am I gonna have to make my own YouTube roku app??
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Re: YouTube Version / Functionality

The speed-up/slow-down must be happening at the source. I don't believe a Roku has the ability to alter the playback speed. If it does, it's not documented, so making your own app won't do you any good (and violates Google's ToS).

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