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Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

For users/content watchers..

I switched from Hulu to YouTube TV 6 months ago.  Had Hulu Live for 12 months.  YouTube TV has a better interface, etc.  Also, Hulu does not carry some of the Live content that YouTube TV carries AND the synergy with the overall Google account is really nice.  The win-win for me, content & cost, was to move to YouTube TV and subscribe to the Disney Bundle.

For Roku:

I own 7 Roku devices - was getting ready to purchase 3-4 more before the YouTube TV notice came out.   I was "standardizing" all my streaming to display to Roku devices verses trying to deal with the arbitrage of streaming apps available via Samsung, LG, etc.  However, if Roku drops YouTube TV - I drop Roku (total investment right now $700-$800 - this isn't even the cost of 1 nice TV) and standardize on Samsung or the like and fill any gaps with casting.  Better figure something out with Google - otherwise Google will figure out how to disintermediate you (Roku) forever.  Lastly - that YouTube moniker on the Roku box is a much much stronger brand than Roku.  BTW - I am not an employee, distributer, shareholder, etc. of Google - just have a gmail email address like 2B other people.  I love Roku and would hate to see this split.

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Re: Please keep YouTube TV; this is my most used streaming channel.

@humbertomoreno wrote:

I heard from them, actually. It's Roku who is trying to kick them out of their platform ($$ issues).

They need to come to some agreement.

Huh. Roku said the same thing about Google. Two big companies pointing fingers. Go figure.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.
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Re: Roku and YouTubeTv

I just got the same email. 

Roku’s whole value proposition is that it works for all apps. This is a huge deal since YouTube TV is how we watch tv. 

I’m guess Google TV is my new purchase....

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Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

I agree.  I much prefer YouTube TV to cable or other offerings.  Hopefully, Roku and YouTube can work out their issues to allow the subscribers a win.

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Re: Youtube TV

Roku, Please pass this on. We use YouTube TV service and have just heard that you are planning to remove this from your platform.  Please do not remove this access from your service.  I really like Roku, and have used & praised it since I cut the cord, but will use another service, Fire Stick, for example, if you discontinue carrying YouTube TV on your service.

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Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

I agree 100%.... I currently stream YouTube TV on my Amazon firestick in my living room, and Roku in bedroom. Guess I’ll just have to buy another firestick for bedroom.

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Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

There is no hardware for AV1, it is just software update to the current codec which is already in the hardware. go to the software section of this link.

@andyross wrote:

Based on an article in Ars Technica, part of the issue is that Google wants to force devices support their AV1 codec. That requires hardware support, which would raise prices. What is hilarious is that the latest Roku Ultra does support it, but NO Chromecast does.

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Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

Ah yes... the ROKU plug-in streamer i bought used too much power (got hot).  So I replaced my outdated 70" HD tv with a 4K Hisense ROKU 85".   Bummer.  Once again i must find some form of external streaming source.  At least modern TV's can be used as a computer monitor, and the digital out lets me send the sound to a dedicated hifi.

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Re: Youtube TV cancelling service on Roku

It's Roku that is doing it. They are the ones ending the agreement.

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Re: YouTube TV vs Roku negotiations

Roku should be paying more, if anything, for the emerging service provider leader. Ditto the Netscape comparison.