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YouTube Search Result in Foreground Problem

Hello!  Weird issue that I can't seem to resolve using the Youtube App.  When I search or select a video, the selected video plays in the background and is obscured by other video recommendations or search results overtop.  I've tried using the back button (takes you out of the video) and enter button (Changes to the next highlighted video with search results still in the foreground) and haven't found a fix.  Also the settings bar is always on the left side and I can't find a way to hide it.  

Anyone have a solution for this?  Thanks!

PS:  Using a new Roku Express 3900
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Re: YouTube Search Result in Foreground Problem

Remove the channel, reboot the Roku, and then re-add the channel.  That should resolve this issue.
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Re: YouTube Search Result in Foreground Problem

I had the same problem last night, it fixed itself by morning.
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