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YOUTUBE HELP! (Please!!!!)

Hi Guys,
I have tried everything and I am on my last end. I have TCL smart tv with Roku in it. When I try to watch youtube the video either does not work at all, or the audio goes faster than the video. I have tried undownloading youtubr , talking to the internet company, unplugging the TV, undownloading every other app (beisides netflix and Hulu), checking for updates, and looking at youtube help (which was no help!) Anything will help, I'll try anything! If this isnt the right place for this please let me know, and I'm sorry if it isn't.
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Re: YOUTUBE HELP! (Please!!!!)

You're in the correct forum - search here for "youtube" and you'll see that you are not alone with your problem.  There may be a solution there, somewhere.  Sorry I can't be of more help.
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Re: YOUTUBE HELP! (Please!!!!)

Pretty much the same here. Video or audio cuts out and I can never get it back. Shows loading forever, never comes back. Roku tv with latest YouTube update 2\5.
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