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Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku 3900R

I recently purchased a Roku Express 3900R and installed the Xfinity Stream Beta App. I am unable to receive my local channels that are in high-def, the 10xx channel range. All my other channels are present. I had an open escalated ticket with Xfinity customer service and their conclusion was the Roku is not on my home network but they could not figure out why. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and done a factory-reset on the Roku. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I posted on the Xfinity forum as well. Thank you.
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Re: Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku 3900R

Huh. I have a similar situation, but without the full consequences. I do get channels in the 1xxx range on the Roku app, but only the primary local channels.

My example, I'm using Comcast out of Savannah. WTOC is the CBS affiliate, and also has Grit and Bounce TV. In the 1xxx range I see WTOC/Grit and WTOC/Bounce, but not WTOC/CBS. In the lower ranges, I see all three. Now, my service also has an HD channel in the 4xx range for the main WTOC/CBS, as well as WTOC/Grit and WTOC/Bounce (although the alternate channels are in the 2xx range). That's in addition the SD version of WTOC/CBS in the traditional xx range.

For the ABC, Fox, and NBC affiliates and their alternate channels, it's a similar story

Have you picked up a Channel Lineup card from Comcast and checked out where all it might be? It could be that you have two HD channels of each primary broadcast channel, as do I.
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Re: Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku 3900R

Hi Basil,
Thank you for the response. I just logged in and checked my channel lineup and I see pretty much what you have described except for only one set of local channels in HD.
More specifically, the channel lineup indicates that I have:

  • A set of local channels in SD at channels 2-5, 7-12, 20-21.

  • Grit, Bounce, Laff, Get, This, Antenna, Comet, Create, Cozi, Justice, Me, etc. are in SD at channel numbers between 100 and 510.

  • Grit, Bounce, Laff, Get, This, Antenna, Comet, Create, Cozi, Justice, Me, etc. are in HD at channel numbers 11xx.
The only listing I see on the channel lineup for local channels in HD is in the 10xx range. That lines up with what I see on my TiVO (CableCard) and the Xfinity Stream App on my iPhone.
Thanks again for the post. If you think of anything else, please let me know.
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