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Would more free movies be available to me with Roku in my situation?


If I don't need any Roku features except that I just want to be able to have optimal availability of free movies, and if I prefer to watch movies on my laptop PC because of my extensive movie data base and bookmark systems on my PC, would there be any advantage to my getting a Roku device for my TV or a Roku player? (Otherwise, I virtually never use my TV.)

Could you please check to see if "The Traitor" is available to you today FOR FREE on Vudu or anywhere through your Roku. If it is, then despite my below research results, it would seem that more movies might be available to me if I had a Roku device.

The reason I ask is that my sister, who has a Roku device and watches Roku movies on her TV, says that she recently watched the movie "The Traitor" (2019) on Vudu. But when I checked today, "The Traitor" isn't available on Vudu or on any of my free services. (My sister is in Washington state, and I'm in Wisconsin, if that makes any difference.)

I recently researched Roku and the question of whether it makes sense for me to get a Roku device. All evidence seemed to point to the understanding that I don't need Roku for the following reasons:

1) The Roku Channel, says that "Free ad-supported content available on The Roku Channel [online streaming] is the same whether you watch it on a Roku device, Samsung TV, web browser, or the Roku mobile app." (There is no Roku device for PC.)

2) I prefer to stream movies on my PC is because of my extensive movie data base and bookmark systems. If I watched on a Roku player or on a TV, I'd have to switch to my PC to decide if I want to see a move and to bookmark it or rate it.

3) I don't need Roku to search available free movies, because between the two best sites and -- which search for a movie across all of one's services, it seems that I'll virtually always be able to see if a given movie is free to me. I have Amazon Prime, several free TV Everywhere services, and all of the good free sites I could find (Hoopla, IMDB TV, Peacock, The Roku Channel, TubiTV,, Vudu, Crackle, and PopcornFlix). Cable TV service with a decent channel package in my building is non-optional, but I know that if it wasn't, I could cancel it and use a Roku device if I didn't mind losing my free "TV Everywhere" services.

Thank you very much.

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