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Wont let me log into a channel I pay for AMC+

Won’t let me log in. Changed passwords back and forth for roku, let’s me login to roku and all other channels, not AMC+ Won’t let me login to channel. This is absurd. 

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Re: Subscription not recognized by Roku

I tried to sign up for AMC+ on the Roku channel on September 10.  AMC Premier ended in August.  I tried multiple times to sign in to watch AMC+ but the email and password did not work.  I was unable to get anyone in customer support and finally went to my Roku account to manage subscriptions and cancelled the AMC+ subscription.  This was on the same afternoon of September 10.  I received an email on Sept 10 at 2:16:01 PM confirming the subscription AMC+ on the The Roku Channel has been cancelled.  On Sept 10 at 2:46:34 PM I received another email from Roku apologizing for getting disconnected from the "chat".  CS/MA-Christine Joyce Baliesteros Labsan, Sept 10, 12:28 PDT:  said this was a "follow up in line with (your) AMC+ subscription and further I could call or reply to the email.   I replied advising Roku I had been unable to access AMC+ after signing up for it and I wanted to be sure I was not charged for the month.  I checked my credit card statement today and there is a charge from Roku on September 10 for $9.35.  I should not have to pay for something I did not receive and I want the charge credited back to my credit card.  That is my issue and I want to know what Roku is going to do to make it right.

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Re: Subscription not recognized by Roku

@Guppyfries wrote:

I tried to sign up for AMC+ on the Roku channel on September 10. ...

Just to ensure, within the Roku Channel, you went to the AMC+ section and subscribed. You did not use the AMC+ app from the Channel Store? That's a standalone app, totally separate from the Roku Channel.

@Guppyfries wrote:

... I tried multiple times to sign in to watch AMC+ but the email and password did not work....

This is where things are starting to go askew. If you subscribed to AMC+ within the Roku Channel, it should not be asking you for your email and password. If you launched the separate AMC+ app, it will ask you for that.

So, did you subscribe via The Roku Channel, but then add/launch the standalone AMC+ app and try to log in there?

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Re: Subscription not recognized by Roku


From AMC+ website.  If you subscribed from the Roku channel you can NOT use the AMC+ app.  Also the Roku Channel clearly states that all subscriptions are non-refundable.  When you cancelled you stopped it from automatically renewing.  You have access on the Roku channel to all AMC+ material.

Subscribe via The Roku Channel

  1. Get The Roku Channel on your Roku device.
    The Roku channel is its own app/channel. You should be able to see the icon for it on the Roku Home screen, the same as any other app like Netflix, Prime Video etc.

    If you don't have it already, go to Home > Streaming Channels to find and add it to your device.

    You will also need a Roku account for billing. If you don't have one yet, Roku will prompt you to create one when you add The Roku Channel.

  2. Find AMC+
    Launch The Roku Channel
    Navigate to the row called Browse Premium Subscriptions
    Click into Watch Premium Movies & TV
    Find AMC+ under Movies & TV

  3. Subscribe
    Select AMC+
    Start the 7-day trial
    When your trial ends, your monthly subscription will begin (charged by Roku Pay)


When you subscribe this way, be sure to watch on the app called The Roku Channel or

(Your subscription will not work on AMC apps or our website.)

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Re: Wont let me log into a channel I pay for AMC+


A couple clarifications, please.

  1. How did you subscribe to AMC+?  Directly with AMC on their website?  Through Roku? Through some other third party (Amazon, Hulu, cable provider, etc?)?
  2. How are you attempting to access AMC+?  Through AMC+ app on Roku?  Through The Roku Channel?
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