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WiFi says excellent but won’t connect to the WiFi

So this is going to be a lengthy post but I need help! 
the Roku my brother has that’s in the living room worked perfectly until we started remodeling the first floor of my Dad’s house. About 2 months later. Once everything was set in, we put the tv back where it belonged and connected the Roku to the tv. There were problems that showed up that were never there before. The remote wasn’t working properly and even syncing it back up did nothing. And the WiFi wasn’t working. The Roku was able to find the connection but wouldn’t connect. Only top option “wireless connection” works but then internet connection has an X next to it. The WiFi was fine there before we remodeled the place so I’m not sure why it’s not working now. I tried my Roku and I was getting the same issue as the WiFi wasn’t working and I tried everything it said to do but it kept showing up with error code 009. I put the password correctly and we restarted the WiFi and the Roku and we’re getting the same problem. Also the connection says that it’s excellent but when it tries to connect it throws an error message. 

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Re: WiFi says excellent but won’t connect to the WiFi

1) You didnt mention your Roku model #s or firmware versions:  Settings/System/About

2) Make sure you restart all of the devices:  modem/router/gateway/Rokus - try again

3) Reset the Rokus' network configuration:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset - try again


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