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Why is ROKU making it hard to connect to Conservative news and commentary stations?

I am finding it more and more difficult to connect to Conservative news and commentary stations. An example it trying to connect to Fox News in the evening. I have to go through the menu 3 to 4 times in order to connect. I have also experienced drops of the station for apparently no reason. It just flips back to the menu and 3 or 4 tries are needed to reconnect to the chosen station. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem either with conservative news and commentary stations or non-conservative news and commentary stations. Has ROKU gone WOKE? Maybe not in total but, inching there one step at a time. I chose ROKU over Amazon because of its quality, selection, and OPENNESS of its platform. Any comments?

P.S. UP Front - Don't try to shame me for I Have No Shame.

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Re: Why is ROKU making it hard to connect to Conservative news and commentary stations?

Roku isn't doing anything to make it difficult to connect to conservative news/opinion outlets. Don't go putting on the tin foil hat because you're having connectivity issues with a particular application. When you do that, you make the rest of us conservatives look silly. I don't like other people making me look silly.

If you have an issue with a particular application, or with multiple applications, simply list the problem and leave the commentary off. Troubleshooting is analyzing facts, not opinion. You know, like news should be, but never is. Don't be like MSNBC, CNN, and the like. Just state the facts of the issue. Perhaps someone will be able to help.

Maybe delete the post, and re-post a new one with the commentary removed.

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Re: Why is ROKU making it hard to connect to Conservative news and commentary stations?

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The fact is, the FoxNews app/streaming service is poorly coded/managed, and has been for some time.

(e.g. they actually disabled their Live feed a week ago or so, putting a QR code in its place)

As it happens, there was a FoxNews app update today (version 3.17.305211230), so perhaps this will address some of the issues you've been having.

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Re: Why is ROKU making it hard to connect to Conservative news and commentary stations?

Had this community been under the ATTNow website, I could vouch for such a statement. As I would deliberately watch FOX news religiously for certain news programs and shows. It would almost always seem that "interference" was a problem but it wasn't never a broadband issue as I have a healthy and redundant pipe connected. 

All the other channels on their App would work but Fox would have broadcasting issues, dropping out, static as if I was receiving it via an old-fashioned TV antenna on the roof.  If anything, I would say that it may not be ROKU that is making it hard to connect to conservative news and commentary stations. This would fall to the "content provider" themselves and respectively. They are the ones that broadcast their programming via their App.

If anything, I have seen an increase of conservative news and commentary stations on the ROKU platform. For example, check out Pluto TV App. They brought a host of news and stations to the forefront of late. Since your statement is a wide-sweeping statement, can you narrow it down specifically. Trust me I have no problems finding or tuning into any of the conservative news and commentary stations. Can you expand on the words hard to connect a bit more?

Is it that you're not finding anything, or have you found all what you needed but need to jump through additional hoops to view your content? It's pretty hard to discern specifically what you mean. Just trying to help out.

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