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Re: Which codecs are passed-through by Roku Media Player?

Well, just when I felt that I was (sorta) starting to understand things, a new mystery pops up. What I thought I finally understood is that even though my TV can decode AAC5.1 and AC3 from the antenna, for some reason it just wasn't designed to decode anything coming in over HDMI; and my old Roku can't decode much of anything either, basically just MP3 and AAC2.0, so there you are.

But this evening while watching Netflix on my Roku, I finally happened to pay attention to the technical details of a video, which said that is has 5.1 audio.  Whaaa :?:  The Roku can't decode any 5.1 audio, and my understanding was that the TV also won't decode any 5.1 that it gets over HDMI ... so how am I able to hear audio through my TV's speakers? Has the Netflix app detected this and switched over to give me an MP3 or AAC2.0 audio stream? 
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