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Level 7

When will you have HBO MAX? I'm already paying for HBO

I am paying for HBO, and with every other service, HBO MAX is included, except Roku. On Dec 25th HBO MAX is dropping all new Warner Brothers movies and I want to watch them!

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Level 10

Re: When will you have HBO MAX? I'm already paying for HBO

Exactly. I don't know what Roku thinks they're accomplishing by refusing to allow those of us who pay for HBO Max to not be able to access it on their platform but it's idiotic and is going to cost them big time in the holiday purchase game. There's no way in **bleep** I'd buy anyone a Roku knowing they won't be able to watch WW84 or any of the other Max exclusives on it. The HBO Roku app is so lame compared to HBO Max that it's pathetic. I'm glad they did a deal with Peacock, something Amazon has yet to do as far as I know, but HBO Max needs to be on Roku by Christmas or we'll have to get a Fire for the living room. 

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