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What stations can you FF through ads on the DVR

I'm looking one for that gets MSNBC and CNN and where if you DVR a show you can then watch it and be able to fast forward through commercials. I did that all the time when I had old fashioned cable, DVR shows and FF through the commercials. Now with this more "updated" streaming that option seems to be out of fashion.

Or if there's a free one out there that has MSNBC and CNN then it that case I wouldn't mind the commercials so much cause I'm not paying.

I had YouTube TV but left because I couldn't FF through commercials.
I got Hulu which if you pay extra you get "ads free" but that does not include "live TV" which by "live TV" they seem to mean everything, including stuff in the DVR. Since paying for this "ads free" add on I have never once watched a show on Hulu and been able to FF through the commercials. And I'm talking about stuff on the DVR which in the real world is certainly not live TV.

I've most recently checked out Peacock where they supposedly have MSNBC and CNN but good luck trying to get to them. I did a search for "MSNBC" and got no results. I did a search for "Rachel Maddow" and got two results. Neither of them the Rachel Maddow show. If I click on "channels" I get a list of channels, two at a time at a tiny space at the bottom of the screen. And that tiny space keeps going black and you have to click an arrow to get back there. I'm guessing that if I scrolled down that list of channels, two at a time, past channels like "Dust" and "LOL" and taking time out to click on the arrow because it went blank, I'd eventually get to MSNBC. I do not want to go through that every time I want to go to MSNBC

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