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Weird behavior with Amazon Prime app and headphones

Anyone else encounter this?  Using a Roku 3 (4200K) with the new Amazon Prime App - when I plug in headphones, the sound output stays with the TV and does not switch to the headphones.  The weird thing is this happens ONLY with Amazon Prime Original Content, NOT with any other Amazon content or any other channels - they all work normally.  I know the Roku is detecting the headphones, because the headphone icon and volume indicator show up. The sound just does not switch over.  I tried all the normal stuff, like power-cycle the Roku, check for system update, and uninstall and reinstall the app, all to no effect.   I think this may be a bug in the Amazon app?  If so I should contact Amazon... anyone have a clue how to do that?  Can't find anything on the massive Amazon website for submitting a question like this.   
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