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Level 8

Weatherforyou Channel : No longer Ad 1 of Ad 2 of 2

Weatherforyou  Channel was the last channel with Ads that i watched.  
It had Ad 1 of 1 ....i could Tolerate that. 

Now they have gone to  
Ad 1 of 2 ;..  2 of 2 Ads.   See ya Weatherforyou  Channel! 
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Level 13

Re: Weatherforyou Channel : No longer Ad 1 of Ad 2 of 2


I don't think being bothered by ads ALWAYS warrants a post about it.

Ad-supported channels and apps exist because a large amount of people can tolerate them.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Level 8

Re: Weatherforyou Channel : No longer Ad 1 of Ad 2 of 2

RE: If you google " too many ads", there are thousands of articles on people complaining about Ads, more specifically , too many ads. Often believed a cause of a dip in viewers.
That and the second reason why people 'cut the cord' after price was 'cable/satellite had too many ads. 

As a daily user of Wetherforyou for years, often visiting 2 or 3 times a day. Times '2 or 3 times a day' by 364 days a year.  Times 5 years, That is alot of views they are not going to get now.
 2 ads are the break point.

EDIT: Looks like Weatherforyou may be experimenting with going with 2 ads as i checked the website this morning, and the 2 ads were not ongoing.
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