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Watch Free Flix channel in search result

I was using the Roku search looking for a movie called Aftershock.  A film about the earthquake in Tangshan China in 1976 (a very good film BTW).  Three results came up,  Amazon and Play Store at $2.99 each, and Watch Free Flix for free.  Intrigued by the free offer, I clicked on Watch Free Flix, installed the channel, and started it, but there was no Aftershock there.  So I used the search within the channel itself to search again, and still nothing.

 I don't use the search that often, but unless something else is going on here, it seems to be possible for channels to sort of spam the Roku search to get free promotion.  Has anyone else encountered this?
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Re: Watch Free Flix channel in search result

It could be that Roku gets search information from the content providers, and that the information provided by at least one provider is out of date for some reason.
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