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Wanted: Comprehensive list of stations within Roku Channel

I have a TCL Roku TV S-Series, version 8.0
At the end of July, my apartment complex will “Cut Our Cable”. I have now outfitted my Roku TV for internet streaming, as well as over the air local programming. Not quite as complex as programming a nuclear warhead, but close.
I am now confused about stations within channels within channels, and a choice of over 200 stations to choose from. I can access each channel through “Antenna”, “Roku Channel”, or “Live TV”. After that, I can use either the “channel list” or the “Smart Guide” to get a list of stations available. Depending on which channel I entered through, the lists are different (though mostly the same).
Examples are Antenna —> scroll down to “Streaming TV”; and top of the list is “115, small logo, ABC News Live”.
Or the channel “Live TV”; and top of the list is “312, c within C and an unreadable logo, South Park”.
I sometimes cannot tell which station carries that particular program. Keep in mind, this is a 4K UHD HDR television. And I still can’t read the logo.
Since I’m just new at cutting the cable, scrolling through all those stations is an incredible pain. I have about 200 stations that I want to sort out as to which stations (number and logo) I’m actually interested in. Even if I go through the entire list, and take pictures, and then use them to guess at what’s playing . . . well, that will take me weeks.
Can I download a list of of the stations carried on the Roku Channel? It would be helpful to include both the station number, and the station name. A simple .pdf file would work; I’m a numbers guy, so I will probably port it into an Excel file.
Yes, I understand the channel lineups are subject to change when some programmer looks at the list cross-eyed. But I’ve got to start somewhere.
I did note, that when I purchased AMC+, their stations popped up on the channel list with their own new & unique station numbers. There must be some kind of rhyme or reason to the list.
Hope You Can Help,

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Re: Wanted: Comprehensive list of stations within Roku Channel

Me too 

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