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Volume inconsistencies

Why, why, why can Roku not modulate the volume disparages between commercial and regular shows??? Yes, I have read the FCC regulations concerning the volume of commercial and, yes, I understand Roku is (I am assuming) within the regulated guidelines set by the FCC but...I have to keep the remote in hand and remain vigilant as I await the next commercial, action scene, or other extreme sounds. 

I have selected voices as the main sound but still have to decrease the volume by 40 to 50 decibes every time a commercial or overly loud action scene comes on - and Heaven forbid there is an explosion or hysterical, screaming kidnap victim.

Then, on the flip side, there are some programs in which the dialog cannot be heard at all because the background music is too loud. I attempted to watch one of these a few nights ago, with voice set as the main sound. Normally, on my Roku TV, 22 db is perfect. I had it up to 75 db and STILL could not separate the character dialog from the overriding background music.

Is there no one in the company responsible for monitoring and repairing these audio discrepancies? Is the position open? I'm not working right now.





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