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Video stopped because content is veiwed on aonther device.

So I've had my 2 players for a few months now, and just tonight it stared poping up a message saying that the "video stopped because content is being viewed on another device. " My wife was watching TV in the living room, and I in the bedroom, but we were watching different channels. She was on TBS and I was on Epic Drive-In. Whenushed ok and resumed the program, that message popped up on the living room TV, so she pushed ok and resumed her program and I got the message again. Why would this just start all of the sudden, please help.
I have 2 Roku express +'s they are both linked to the same account.
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Re: Video stopped because content is veiwed on aonther device.

Think I have it figured out, but still welcome any comments. It's actually related to my Sling account. Think I was signed in to, to many different devices.
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Re: Video stopped because content is veiwed on aonther device.

Yep, only not because you are signed in to too many devices, but that Sling TV detected too many devices actually being used to stream at that moment.

Sling Orange (the one with ESPN and Disney) only allows one stream at a time. Sling Blue (the one without ESPN and Disney, but with more other channels) allows three simultaneous streams. I'm guessing you have Sling Orange.

One thing that you can sometimes do is to use Sling TV to authenticate an app. Some of the content have corresponding apps. TBS has an app, for instance. So does Disney. Now, sometimes the apps can detect the Sling in use via another app, sometimes they can't.

If you don't care about ESPN, and Fox Sports would do instead, and if Disney doesn't matter, switch to Sling Blue. Or pony up another $15/month for Sling Orange+Blue. Otherwise, that's a limitation of Sling Orange you'll have to deal with. You can compare the two packages here:

One other option is to switch to a different service. You're paying $25 for Sling Orange, plus $5 for Epix and possibly more for other add-ons. Most other services are $40/month. Philo starts at $16, but doesn't have any sports ( ... l-Packages). 

YouTube TV is $40, but doesn't have Epix available. Showtime is for $11 more.

Hulu with Live TV is $40, unless you already have regular Hulu. Then it's an additional $32, because your price would go from $8 to $40. No Epix, but HBO and Showtime are available.

DirecTV Now might be an option ($40), as might PlayStation Vue (also $40).

But, if you're going to spend $40, you could easily switch to Sling Orange+Blue for that price. But you got options.
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