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Unable to launch app. YouTube not working on 2 differnent Roku Ultimates. Models 4800X and 4660x2.

On two different Roku's Models 4800X and 4660x2. Getting unable to launch errors for Youtube.

On the 4660x2 I did all the troubleshooting steps including rest to factory and the OS is up to date.

Now I am unable to set it back up after the Factory Reset.

It is giving an error about not being able to use my email address.

The email address is good and is the current email address on my account and is working for a 3rd Roku Ultimate model 4660x2.

Roku has stated that there is a work around and or that they are looking into this issue.

I have also read reports that there is some sort of contract dispute.

Do we all need to dump our Roku's due to a lack of customer support and communication?


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Re: Unable to launch app. YouTube not working on 2 differnent Roku Ultimates. Models 4800X and 4660x


First, the contract dispute between Google and Roku only affects the YouTube TV app, not the YouTube TV service, nor YouTube (app or service). Let's rule that out.

There have been some issues with some users resulting from a problem on Google's end with YouTube service to Roku devices -- there are separate servers that Google uses for the major platforms; Roku devices get content from one bank of servers, Apple TV gets content from another bank of servers, and so on. Those issues were resolved, according to Google and Roku, and required a restarting of the device. I never experienced the issues on my Roku devices, so I didn't have to deal with that. Here is Roku's posting of the resolution:

I'm going to suggest trying a factory reset on the impacted Roku Ultra (not Ultimate). Be sure that with power applied, you press and hold the Reset button for no less than 30 seconds. Unless the device has gone bad (that model Ultra was released in 2017 and should still perform well), the 30-second reset should clear everything out and allow you to set things up.

I will suggest that you log in to your Roku account on your computer before clicking the link in the email to set up the device. That would ensure nothing on your computer is impacting the setup.

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Re: Unable to launch app. YouTube not working on 2 differnent Roku Ultimates. Models 4800X and 4660x

I'm not going to factory reset a device and wait hours just to see that it didnt work. Where is a real answer and update and or a fix?

I'll just use the firestick for the stuff that doesn't work but it's a big dissappointment When the roku doesn't do what it said it would do.

If My car doesn't start do I go drain all the gas out of the tank and pour it back in just to see if will start.


I don't think so.

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