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Twitter Interactive 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'


 I run a Roku channel, it's a little known one, called Old School Social Studies Films ( ... al-studies ), it's a niche, little known channel full mostly of historical & public domain films. Last week, we did something new & what I feel, innovative.

 We aired a movie, live time, like the old days. However, using Twitter, we were able to capture Tweets using a certain hashtag, #Plan9Live, and embed them into the stream so that you, the viewers, could see & read Tweets from yourself as well as others.

We're doing an 'Encore Presentation' of Plan 9 From Outer Space again this Saturday, at 9pm EST, and we would love if you'd consider tuning in, and possibly engaging in the fun.   All you need to to, is send a tweet, any tweet, and use #Plan9Live and we will be able to grab that tweet and embed it into the stream (there's a lag of about a minute, plus the time for others to show. Overall it wasn't a whole lot longer)  (Facebook Event details)

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Re: Twitter Interactive 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'

We'll be airing cult classic Reefer Madness tonight, on Old School Social Studies Films. Interactive, so you can tweet in using #ReeferLive

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