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Twitch app stuck at 99% loading for most streams

I recently purchased a Roku TV (Insignia 32") and it is having issues playing back the majority of Twitch TV streams via the Twitch app. The streams that fail are getting to 99% loading and just sitting there.

I have tested these same streams on my Roku 3 (Twitch app) and my PC (on the official twitch site) and they work just fine on these devices.

The only thing I can say is the same about all failing streams is that they all seem to be sending out 60 frames per second as their source. The only streams I can get working consistently on the Insignia Roku TV are streams sending out 30 frames per second sources.

Looking at these official Roku forums, the reddit forum, and TwitchTV support, this seems to be an issue that started over a month ago. When can a fix be expected? And why is it taking so long for a fix to be rolled out? Is this up to Roku to fix of TwitchTV? I have 30 days to return the TV and will likely do so if the issue doesn't get resolved by then.

Insignia 32" Roku TV that is experiencing issues:

Roku TV 5405X
Model NS-32DR310CA17
Software Version 7.6.0 build 4127-20

Roku 3 that is NOT experiencing this issue:

4200X - Roku 3
Software Version 7.6.0 build 4125-04
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Re: Twitch app stuck at 99% loading for most streams

This problem is confirmed as still being in existence and I can tell you it's amazing to me that it's still ongoing here in 2018.

I have same model TV and Roku and it's happening right now.
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Re: Twitch app stuck at 99% loading for most streams

I thought amazon canned the Twitch app...
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