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Turn ON auto play for Roku Channel

I see a lot of people asking how to turn auto play off. My problem is hiw to turn auto play ON specifically on the Roku Channel. Getting tired of having to manually start every single 20 minute episode all day. 

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Level 7

Re: Turn ON auto play for Roku Channel

I agree. I find this extremely frustrating when I’m binge watching series. I guess I’m spoiled, or maybe I’m just lazy LOL, either way it is causing me to not want to use this channel (The Roku Channel). I just started using this channel this week and was very excited to find some shows I’d been wanting to watch. The 1st Season of the show I am binge watching auto played all the episodes. Once I finally found season 2 (wasn’t easy to find either; another strike for this channel) it will not auto play and I have to hit the back button 3 times to find the episode I want to watch next then I have to choose it twice before it’ll play. I am fortunate to not have to worry about data usage so this wouldn’t be a problem for me if Auto Play was an option. This channel seemed promising to me but it is a lot of work when trying to relax. Please, at least allow us the option to turn ON auto play. Thank you. 

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