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Troubles last night on Amazon Prime Video?

Did anyone else experience this problem? Was watching Prime Video (via Roku Ultra) sometime after 10 EDT , paused what I was watching and hit the "return" button  (<- ) and got a error message from Amazon saying a "problem has occurred"   or something to that effect. Was sent back to the home screen. Tried to enter Prime again, went to the contacting Amazon screen and got dumped back to home screen. Restarted Roku, same. Uninstalled/reinstalled channel, same. Launched the Prime app on Sony Blu-Ray and Prime launched although hand shake seemed slow. Launched Prime from my phone and Prime launched instantly. Before calling it a night  tried Prime again through Roku and it did launch although during the movie, screen froze then got the pin wheel and message that I had low bandwidth (?). At that point it was time for bed. This morning, I launched Prime on cheapo Insignia Roku TV and no issues with both the desktop and laptop PCs running so dunno at this point, just wondering if it was more than just me.
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Re: Troubles last night on Amazon Prime Video?

I was watching Lo Sound Desert on Prime at around that time and had no issues.
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Re: Troubles last night on Amazon Prime Video?


Thanks for letting us know. If you see the 'Low Bandwidth' error message again while watching Amazon Prime, try playing content in another channel and see if it plays normally. 

If so, take note of the time/date you observed the message (and it's exact text) and feel free to send me a PM with your Roku account email address, the serial number of the Roku device you encountered the issue on, and the specific content title you were trying to watch when you observed the error message.

I'll follow up with you directly from there. 

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