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Trouble removing expired trial channels

Normally removing a channel is easy with the option button however that is not working with channels that were offered as free trials through the Roku Channel and cancelled. With these channels when I press the option button the "Remove channel" option does appear, but only for a fraction of a second, not long enough to select it and press ok. The "Remove channel" option is replaced with "Manage subscriptions". If I go into the "Manage subscriptions" option it only lists active trial channels, not the cancelled/expired channels I want to remove. Any ideas? These channels don't appear on the iOS remote so I can't remove them there. Thanks

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Re: Trouble removing expired trial channels

What happens if you go to ?

My guess is they're still there just in case you decide to reactivate your subscription.  I see no way to remove the canceled subscriptions on the website.  Seems like an oversight or possibly an intentional act on Roku's part to try to get you to resubscribe.

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