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Total Channel Cost for My Situation

I am trying to help my elderly family members save money. They don't watch that many different channels. I am having a difficult time determining the total cost for this option. Here is a list of the channels they need / want:






Fox News




HQ (Shopping Network) - Okay not to have this



The Food Network


So, obviously, I don't agree with everything they watch, but I won't tell them what to do. If it make them happy watching a woman date 25 men, who am I to say it is too stupid for them to watch? They are their own people and enjoy the shows and talk about them with each other.

Anyway, could someone help me out in determining how much all of these channels will cost? I know some of them are free channels. I don't see a price on the ones that aren't obviously free.

If there is a way to determine the price of each channel before buying, then what is the "trick"? 

NOTE: I am also considering getting them Hulu or Netflix, but these services don't offer some of the shows that they watch. For example, Days Of Our Lives. They have been watching it for almost as long as it has been on. There's no way I could get them an alternative cable option without it. So, I figure it's better and easier (for them) to just get the channels that they watch, and then depending on the cost, add in additional services.

TL;TR: Need to know how much these specific channels cost. Please help. 

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

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Re: Total Channel Cost for My Situation

Good luck.  I think picking a TV system/package for other people is fraught with peril.  Some channels want some TV provider login, some can be bought in packages, some can be bought standalone, and then there is the question of whether the things on their streaming services exactly match their linear services and whether your parents can adapt to the UI.

When people are buying for themselves, they seem willing to accept and explore new ideas, new content, new UIs etc.  However, it seems to me that when it is someone else's idea, that person just gets a constant stream of complaints about how it's not the same.

In any case, take a look at package providers like SlingTV, Hulu Live, Youtube TV etc.  It's quite likely that nothing will exactly match what they have now.  Of course, they only watch the things they have now because those are the things that they happen to have.  (Easy logic for me, maybe not for them, since changing is not their idea.)

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Re: Total Channel Cost for My Situation

This page can help you find which services carry a particular channel:

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Re: Total Channel Cost for My Situation

You clearly don't know them.

They aren't stupid. They know how to use smart phones, tablets, and computers. They've even had the Xbox, Playstation, and Wii.

Yes, they have surface knowledge on how to use this stuff. But they don't need to know every little feature or be the best to get the devices to do what they want.

They sometimes can figure stuff out on their own. Sometimes they need help. I show them and "fix" stuff for them. It's all good. 

They have hundreds of channels right now. They opt to use under 20 channels — which is fine. They've been watching some of these shows for years and years. Other times, they'll watch something "trendy" like when Jersey Shore was a thing.

They enjoy trends. That's the type of people they are.

As long as they are able to watch what they are watching now, they don't care. It might even be easier for them since they don't have to remember channels.

As I've already stated, some of these service providers don't have shows they want to watch. For example Days Of Our Lives is not on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. They've been watching this show before were even married more than 50 years ago. I'm not going to take that away from them. 

FYI: I don't make them do anything.

They are "result-based individuals". They are very willing participates in change. If something gives them a result that they desire, they are pleased with it.

I take the time to show them and I'm very patient and they appreciate it.

Yeah, sometimes I have to show them a few times. They ask me to show them though!!! They want the results that happen when they do a certain thing.

I want to make this very clear, I don't decide things for them.

They make their own decisions. They aren't astronauts by any means. They know basic math and simple words. However, they are capable people. 

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Re: Total Channel Cost for My Situation

Thank you. Checking it out!

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Re: Total Channel Cost for My Situation

Wow.  I was just passing along a warning based on posts I see again and again. I don't see how I in any way attacked some unknown people.  There is just a lot of: My wife made me buy this and I hate it. I bought this but my kids can't stand it, stuff all over the internet. 

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Re: Total Channel Cost for My Situation

Have you made certain to authenticate the channel together with your account credentials? If you are nonetheless not able to solve the problem, you may want to touch the channel issuer assist immediately to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are advanced and maintained by way of the channel provider themselves.

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