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Too many repetitive ads on some channels

Excessive and repetitive ads on many Roku channels are defeating the whole idea of cord cutting. I watched a Charlie Chan film on Cozy Mysteries and every 6-7 minutes there were two to five ads, often the exact same ad two or three times in succession. Seriously annoying. I understand the need to have some ads to support such channels, and Cozy Mysteries has a GREAT selection, but upwards of fifty ads in the span of 80-90 minutes? It's worse than commercial television - at least there I don't see the same three or four ads over and over and over again.

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Re: Too many repetitive ads on some channels

Are you fairly new this cord cutting stuff?  The situation you describe exists for LOTS of the free ad supported channels - too many ads, too little time between ad breaks, too many strung together, too many consecutive repeats.  I can't tolerate most of the free channels.

You'll probably find you need to purchase some carefully chosen subscriptions to get programming that doesn't drive you out of the room.

Savings from cord cutting usually come from only subscribing to your choice of material instead of having to pay for overblown cable/satellite subscriptions with a majority of channels that you never watch,.


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Re: Too many repetitive ads on some channels

It's very annoying !!! 

Obviously Roku adds tons of commercial breaks ! 

I subscribe to ad free services and now Roku adds 3 minute breaks for about 5 times during a 45 minute show! 

Good that I still have an Android tv box because that's just not acceptable and we definitely not getting another roku tv ! 

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Re: Too many repetitive ads on some channels

It isn't Roku placing the adverts. It is the channel owners. Tubi Tv usually does well to not have but so many ads per time you watch content. Pluto TV does okay but yes at times it can get annoying.

One thing we avoid is channels owned by Future Today. They are strictly an advertising venture so do load adverts in their channels. These channels to us are not bearable. So, simple solution, we don't use them even if they do offer "free" content.

Other channels like Tubi, Pluto, Airy are offering free content and try to keep a decent advertising policy. It's free content, our television remote has a mute button if the ads are too annoying. You're getting something for just watching/ignoring the ads.

Like mentioned previously, you can always pay for premium services on Roku.

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Re: Too many repetitive ads on some channels

I second what Mousebox says -- some channel developers are notorious for their high frequency of ads, and that includes running the same ad repetitively (I once counted an ad repeated seven times).

I simply delete those channels and don't watch them.

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Re: Too many repetitive ads on some channels

I had this experience last night when I was watching 24,. It became impossible to watch and my estimation, so I'm not going to watch it anymore, or any other shows on Roku that have so many ads every few min and increase the ads as it gets farther into the show!

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Re: Too many repetitive ads on some channels

I get the same repeat commercial every 60 seconds over and over while attempting to watch my local news on WBNS 10TV! I complained to the station and they advised...

.  You are watching what’s called Over the Top or OTT when you are watching on a ROKU device.  Not all the ads you see are from 10TV.  Many are inserted by a third party which we have no control over.  Unfortunately high repetition is a part of watching OTT. 


It is too annoying to watch, so I have deleted the station.

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