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Level 7

Toggle between Roku streaming and cable TV

How do I toggle between using Roku streaming and my regular cable TV channels?

There are channels I watch on cable TV which are not available on Roku.

Do I have to completely disconnect Roku to go back to cable TV?  Surely there is a better way.

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Level 12

Re: Toggle between Roku streaming and cable TV

How is your Roku box and cable box hooked up to your TV? If the answer is "via HDMI cable", note that most TV's have more than one HDMI port. You can plug your Roku into HDMI 1 and your cable box into HDMI 2. 

When you want to watch your Roku, you switch your TV input to HDMI 1, and to watch your cable box, you switch your TV input to HDMI 2. This is usually done thru the Input button (or similar) on your TV remote.

Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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