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The CW - Getting commercial’d to death

Is it just me or is there 100 times more commercials and the same one repeating multiple times. Trying to watch Batwoman on CW and I’m starting to really get annoyed.

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Re: Getting commercial’d to death

CW is one that provides little to no ad-break relief when viewing their content on demand thru next-day airing in comparison to live viewing. Batwoman premiere was 42 minutes in length with a total viewing time of 52 minutes rounding down the seconds. 15 minutes of ads broken into 5 ad breaks. Content from other providers seem to provide a much lower advertising load than this. I have found that other ad-supported offerings seem to offer an ad load that is on average half of what the CW offers. 8 minutes or less on an hour show and 4 minutes or less on a half hour show.

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Re: Getting commercial’d to death

I cannot believe the bombardment of advertisement I was accosted with last night on The CW channel!!!  This isn't the first time this has happened on some Roku channels!

It was horrendous and completely unacceptable!!! 10 Advertisements in a row!!! Ridiculous!!!

What happened? I missed approx. 15 minutes of the show I was watching and when I backed it up 15 minutes, that's when the repeat advertisements blasted my screen and wouldn't stop!
Then it happened again!!!  When I rewound the show approx 30 seconds to see something I missed... I was again accosted by another non-stop blasting of the same advertisements I saw the previous re-wind.

Your developers SERIOUSLY MUST FIX THIS!!!

EXTREMELY BAD FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Smiley Sad      Smiley Sad      Smiley Sad

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Level 19

Re: Getting commercial’d to death

Thanks for letting us know what you're running into in that channel. We'll share the feedback with the channel provider and request that they take a look. We'd also recommend contacting them directly to report the issue and request any assistance they may be able to offer. 



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