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Tablo play back, device not connected.....

I have a Roku Ultra 4K HDR on one TV and a Roku Premiere+ 4K HDR on another TV. I record OTA on a Tablo.  One day I tried to play recorded show from my Tablo and it did not work #("Your not connected to a device that support Surround sound.") It actually is and works fine on all the Roku channels included Spectrum and always did until that day.  Called Tablo support and they said ROKU did something and only way to correct was FACTORY RESET the Rokus.  It worked (almost) as the Ultra immediately worked but the Premiere+ did not.  I factory reset 3 time and it still does not work. I disconnected woper and let sit & tried again.  I have tried several different setups and always no good results. My receivers all have ARC. I am using HDMI cables. Roku not answering phones. 03 25 2020

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Re: Tablo play back, device not connected to a device that supports surround sound

Roku factory reset worked for me.  Last time I watched was last Thursday and all was well.  Now this morning I get the error message and Tablo recordings won't play.  Reset Roku and all is well again.

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Re: Tablo play back, device not connected to a device that supports surround sound

All is well? What about having to enter all my info again in all the streaming apps I have every time I factory reset?

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Re: Tablo play back, device not connected.....

I agree,  factory reset,    make sure on tablo,  when rescanning channels, that you check at least 3 channels of the main,  here in Philadelphia it is 3-6-10.  make sure check the antenna.    We had to get 2tb hard drive wd  and never had a problem.  My mom watches OTA and she will tell me if there is a problem.   On the tablo,  click that blue button 3 second tap really quick to reset the tablo you should be fine,  contact tablo support they rock,  I have had awesome experiences with tablo.  best dvr box to use,  no more paying subscriptions and better  than cable and satellite.  

Make sure the router is 5-8 ft away from that device too.   

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