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TV Time Channel Icon Changes

For more than a week, I have had four specific classic Hollywood channels, all downloaded from Roku's channel store:

  • Gary Cooper Feature Films
  • Humphrey Bogart Films
  • James Stewart Films
  • Joan Crawford Feature Films

Tonight, the icons (and descriptive icon text) changed to:

  • TV Time History
  • TV Time Crime
  • TV Time Drama
  • TV Time Biographies

respectively.  I went to the channel store and they are showing up there, as well; so, I eliminated a Roku device corruption.  I.e., I started to remove and add them back; but the channel store shows these new icons, as well.

For a comparison, go to the channel store ( and search for "Rita Hayworth Feature Films".  The icons for the other four channels were very similar in design to this one, albeit with different colors/patterns; but the wording on the icons were as listed above.

The channels are still functional and showing up in the title description as those listed above.  I.e., the "Gary Cooper Feature Films" channel still shows that description in the Roku title bar (below the Roku | Home in upper left) and the channels all look the same, once inside them.

So, is there a way to revert to the previous icons?  Obviously, the new descriptions/icons have NOTHING to do with the channel's content, and cause confusion.

Thanks in advance for your help and response.

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Level 15

Re: TV Time Channel Icon Changes

Just a guess, but the channel provider most likely made the changes, for reasons known only to themselves. You would have to ask the channel providers about it. But no, there's no way to edit or alter what icon and/or description the channel provider supplies. 

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Re: TV Time Channel Icon Changes

Thanks.  I was able to find the channel provider through the channel store's details (and then their privacy policy).  They all four belong to TV Time Media.  I contacted them through their web site's "Contact Us" link/form.  Will report back here if I get a response.

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