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TCL Roku TV works on private listening on everything except YT

I have three TCL Roku TVs - all bought at the same time, same model number, and all running the latest software 

Device Details:

Roku TV: 6102X
Model: 55US5800
Version: 8.0.0  Build 4142-22
YouTube: Version 1.0 - build 70500230

All three are hardwired on the same LAN.

My Android phone is running 7.0, with Roku app version

The wireless access point to which my phone is connected is the same one when I view all three TVs (they are all within 20' of the router).


- Two of the three TVs work 100% with private listening on all channels - including YouTube.  The third works on all channels, except for YouTube.


- When private listening is initiated (either after the YT channel is up, or from the home screen) the YT audio stream plays through the phone for about 3 seconds - then sputters, then goes silent.  If I disable PL, the sound returns to the TV 100%.  If I re-initiate PL, the phone provides audio for 3 seconds, sputters, then goes out.

Things attempted so far:

- Remove the YT channel from the suspect TV
- Re-installed the YT channel from within the "search" feature 
- Power cycled the TV 
- Power cycled phone 
- cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled/reinstalled app on phone 


Given that my phone works perfectly on other two identical TVs, I'm fairly confident that the problem is neither with the phone (or its app), my network, or the software running on the three sets (since they're all running identical versions).  But what else could it be?

Since the TV affected is the one I'm most likely to use with headphones (it's in my master bedroom), I'm seriously tempted to pull the TV off of the ceiling mount and swap it with one of the other sets which does not have this issue.  But before I do that, I wanted to post my troubles here in hopes that someone else might be able to identify the problem and recommend a solution.
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