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Syfy Channel - Suddenlink not shown as a provider


I went to use the Syfy channel on my new Roku tv and it brought up the activate code. I went online like I always do to activate any channel only this time I found that Suddenlink was no longer listed in the tv providers list. I have been using the channel on both of my Roku boxes for sometime now and am perplexed as to why Suddenlink is not listed. Has something occurred that caused it to be removed. I checked with a couple of other channels and they still have Suddenlink listed and log in fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Syfy Channel - Suddenlink not shown as a provider

It's likely that Suddenlink has signed a new contract with the parent company of SyFy Channel and has opted out of digital content.  This would be something you would want to ask SyFy Channel or Suddenlink about, since they are responsible for such contracts.  SyFy Channel specifically would be in charge of their app, not Roku:
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Re: Syfy Channel - Suddenlink not shown as a provider

The funny thing is it worked still on the one Roku TV and on the boxes.  I am not sure what the issue was but it is resolved.  Thanks!!!
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