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Subtitles stop working on multiple apps

On multiple apps on my Roku Ultra (4670x) have stop displaying subtitles a few hours after a restart and the only way to get it to display subtitles again is to do a system restart. It is affecting Disney +, Hulu, CBS All Access, PBS, HBO, Peacock, & BritBox that I know off. Netflix and Prime don’t seem affected by this.

Subtitles are set “On always” in the settings>accessibility menu on the Roku and on each of the apps under the * menus.

Other than restarting the system every few hours I don’t know how to fix this. Any ideas?

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Re: Subtitles stop working on multiple apps

I am having the same problem on our two Ultras.  Very frustrating. Just had them go out on Hulu about 30 minutes after cycling the power. Other have reported this issue when using Prime. They were told it was a Prime issue; clearly not!

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