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Subtitles are not working for some channels.

Watching VRV on ROKU, specifically titles on their "HIDIVE" channel that have subtitles in English.  Except they aren't showing up.  If I watch VRV/HIDIVE on my computer, I can see them fine.  But when I go to ROKU, they aren't there.  A week ago it was working fine, but something has changed and now it's straight Japanese language and whether I turn subtitles to always on, on replay, off / on again, reboot ROKU, sign out and back in again... no subtitles.  But then I sit down at this computer and go to VRV... all the HIDIVE titles have subtitles just as they should.  If it works here and not there, it's a ROKU issue, right?  Anyone have an idea what's going on?  Is it my hardware or the ROKU service?  I don't think it's VRV or HIDIVE since I *can* get subtitles, just not through ROKU.

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Re: Subtitles are not working for some channels.

I still think you should contact VRV/HIDIVE to make them aware of the problem.  You probably have a better chance of them looking into it than anyone at Roku.  You can't be sure that the streams you see on a computer are the same ones that you see on a Roku, so it's not comparing apples to apples and it's not necessarily a Roku issue.

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Level 7

Re: Subtitles are not working for some channels.

I've been having the same issue on and off over the last week too.  I have tried multiple Roku TVs and they all have the problem.  Works fine on PC or phone, but does not work when Chromecasting from the phone to a chromecast attached to the Roku TV.

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