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Subtitle problem with Apple TV App

About a week ago, I started having the following problem:

Anytime I start watching a new episode of a TV show, it starts playing with English subtitles on by default.  The default used to be with subtitles off.  I figured out how to use the down arrow on the remote to turn the subtitles off, but this only temporarily turns them off.  If I watch a new episode of a TV show, they're back on again, and I have to turn them off again.  They even turn back on if I pause watching a show for even a fairly short time.  This is quite frustrating!

Can anyone help?



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Re: Subtitle problem with Apple TV App

You didnt mention your Roku model # or firmware version (Settings/System/About) or Apple TV app version (highlight the app and press Options (*) on the remote)

You are limited to adjusting the subtitle behavior either locally (in-app, which you've done) or globally (Settings/Accessibility/Captions mode).

If an app uses its own local/internal subtitle processing, the global/Roku settings wont matter.

2 things to try:

1) Modify the subtitle format within the Apple TV app (Settings/Accessibility/Subtitles and Capationing) and see if that changes the subtitle behavior.

2) Try re-installing the Apple TV app:

   A) Remove the Apple TV app (Highlight the app, press the Options (*) button on the remote, then Remove)

   B) RESTART the Roku (Settings/System/System restart/Restart) <-- MUST DO THIS HERE!!!

   C) Re-install the app

(Otherwise, settings/cached data associated with the app are left behind and it wont be a clean re-install)

If that doesnt work, you'll need to contact Apple support and address the issue to them.

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