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Subtitle Background In Amazon Prime - HOW Do You Get Rid Of It???

Using Premier +

Amazon Prime Video Background color: I know this subject has been brought up before but I have NOT seen any replies from the people at Roku (or anybody else for that matter) on how to fix it.

I have tried everything I can think of to remove the black background on subtitles in Amazon Prime Video. No joy. Supposedly you can set the Roku settings for background opacity to 25% but even that lame semi fix doesn't work on my Roku.

The Roku people have not, to my knowledge, come up with any kind of solution or who to contact about this problem or any hardware or software updates that will work other than to say contact Amazon Prime.

Here is what Amazon Prime Video says:

"Roku devices do not support subtitle presets - those should be edited on the Settings menu on your Roku device."

Well, this is a Catch 22 endless loop between Amazon Prime Video and Roku. Every other app can figure this out, why can't you? So how about it Roku techs (or NON Roku techs)? Can't somebody figure out something that works with this? It has been going on for at least 2-3 YEARS!

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Re: Subtitle Background In Amazon Prime - HOW Do You Get Rid Of It???

Frustrating problem.  Seems same as my problem of unable to read subtitles hidden behind Roku closed captions as background will not set to 0% opacity when viewing prime video!  Any solutions or recourse located?  Stupid Roku!

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