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Stuttering with Roku stick +

When watching YouTube TV or Hulu on my Roku streaming stick + the video will skip or stutter every 5-10 min or so.. happens with each of the 3 roku sticks I purchased, and doesn't seem to happen using Hulu on my Amazon Fire TV (no YouTube TV on Amazon devices).

My internet service is 100Mbps and I get all of that through my Google WiFi, so band with is not an issue. One of the Google WiFi pucks is in the same room as my roku sticks as well, and they get excellent WiFi signal.

I have also tried changing the video settings on the sticks to 4k/60fps without HDR as suggested by others, but hasn't made a difference at all.

Is this a known Roku problem? I would think I would see the same stuttering issues on my FireTV if it was my WiFi or internet connection?
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