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Streaming with no tv

I Have a Roku streaming device and I was wondering... I'm with Shaw Cable in Winnipeg, and my contract is almost up... Can I still stream without basic tv or is basic tv required. I'm a senior and with the way the world is right now, I'm trying to save some money, I have heard that you still need a tv package from your provider in order to stream. Is This true?

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Re: No TV but streaming

No thats Bull Pucky. all you need is internet connection.

Im sure in Winnipeg these are many Internet providers that supply

nothing but Internet. You do not need cable to stream.

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Re: No TV but streaming

Great!!! Thanks,,, hopefully Roku will have CTV and CityTV before my contract is up at the end of March,,, then goodbye to cable tv!!!

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Re: No TV but streaming

The previous response was correct but incomplete.

You don't have to have cable TV in order to stream.  All you have to have is an internet provider.

But many of the cable-type channels you watch now will only make their streaming versions available if you are paying for them via a subscription to a cable/satellite/other service that carries them.  There are streaming services you can use like YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu, etc. that carry a selection of these channels and cost less than a full blown cable or satellite service.  I don't know which would be available to you in Canada.

Roku has their own The Roku Channel for free that gives access to a bunch of channels and movies and there are other free ad-supported channels (some with an abominable number of unskippable commercials).

Plus there are premium services you can pay to subscribe to.

Savings from streaming mostly come from paying for the channels you want without having to pay for an overblown cable or satellite subscription that includes dozens of channels you don't care about.

Here's an article that might help you explore your streaming options:

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